Cogmation_LEGO Robots Using Virtual Robot Toolkit (Demo)

IdeasGym has partnered with Cogmation who are creators of simulation software,Virtual Robotics Toolkit that helps to teach kids coding through robotics. It is being used in schools and by competitive robotics(WRO) teams around the world. The online robot training for 4 weeks explained in English language for school students. During the 4 weeks, students learn about how to program a LEGO Robot. The students use virtual sensors as touch sensor, ultrasonic, and color sensor to control their virtual robot. The training includes weekly webinars and direct interaction between the training leaders and the students.

Our pedagogy includes:
1. Unique interactive course with animations and quizzes
2. Blended course structure and face-to-face meetings
3. Online live sessions with your instructor
  • Lego EV3 Robot main parts
  • Ev3 programming environment
  • Virtual Robot
  • Knock the tower down challenge
  • Webinar in a clip (from our second webinar about gears)
  • Webinar in a clip (Inroduction to VRT)
  • Webinar in a clip (Color sensor)
  • webinar in a clip_ultrasound
  • Webinar in a clip sandbox challenge
  • Webinar in a clip coding
  • webinar in a clip _ sumo
  • Knock the tower down challenge (task sample)
  • Webinar (sample)
  • Webinar (sample in arabic)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever